Convoy of hazardous chemicals

2020-07-18 16:48:03

Our country is the world's leading manufacturer of chemical products

The import and export volume of hazardous chemicals is huge

Ensure the safe storage, use and transportation of hazardous chemicals


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What are hazardous chemicals?

Eliminate the hidden danger of accidents and build a secure line of defense

Hazardous chemicals refer to highly toxic chemicals and other chemicals that are toxic, corrosive, explosive, burning or combustion-supporting and are harmful to human beings, installations and the environment.

Dangerous chemicals are just like the "tiger" that can't be dealt with easily. Once they become aggressive, they will cause significant and irreversible harm. The repeated accidents are all in our mind, which has sounded the alarm for the supervision of the packaging and transportation of dangerous chemicals in international trade.

How to turn hazardous chemicals in o safety?

Let the customs brother take you in o the dangerous chemicals convoy journey

Take a look at the little things that matter

The answer is...

"Full Life Cycle Management" of Hazardous Chemicals

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The whole life cycle management of hazardous chemicals refers to the safety management of the whole process from production, storage, operation, use, transportation to waste disposal.

The Customs, as one of the main gatekeepers for the security of the country, checks and supervises the import and export of hazardous chemicals in terms of packaging safety, standardization, standardization of the publication of dangerous characteristics information and the docking and implementation of relevant international transport rules for dangerous goods.

Full life cycle management of hazardous chemicals

There is no square without rules.In the international trade, the transportation and packaging of dangerous goods are important issues of universal concern to the international community, and there are strict and complete international general rules.This rule comes from the international organization with the function of safe management of dangerous goods transportation under the framework of the United Nations.According to the relevant standards, the customs staff should have evidence to follow to check the packaging safety of import and export dangerous goods, so as to ensure the unimpeded export of dangerous chemicals around the world.

Full life cycle management of hazardous chemicals

Safety of packaging performance is the premise to ensure safe circulation of hazardous chemicals.The customs department implements "code management" for the packaging production enterprises exporting hazardous chemicals, realizing "one factory, one code". The information of the packaging production enterprises can be quickly searched through the enterprise code printed on the outer package, laying a foundation for the realization of the whole packaging quality traceability point.

Check the quality control in production line

↑ Test whether the packaging performance and quality meet the standard in the laboratory

Full life cycle management of hazardous chemicals

The Global Uniform Classification and Labelling System (GHS) will be strictly implemented, so that every hazardous chemical can be "self-reported", and the possible risks and emergency measures will be well known.

Customs department is the main force of the system to popularize and apply in our country, at present all import and export of dangerous chemicals can according to the requirements of the GHS system, post publication "danger tag", "active" to the production, transportation, management, use of industrial workers, consumers, and so on to inform risk, early warning.

Full life cycle management of hazardous chemicals

In the laboratory, the customs technicians are carrying out the classification and identification of dangerous characteristics of the dangerous chemicals.The technical support of the Customs technical center is a powerful weapon for the Customs department to fight against the illegal and illegal behaviors such as "low-risk reporting" and "low-risk not reporting" that ignore the safety transportation requirements.To build a strong "firewall" for the door, let all these violations escape the law net.

Full life cycle management of hazardous chemicals

From the packaging "normative" and "appropriate" two aspects of safety control, to ensure that each batch of hazardous chemicals can wear "safety coat".Improper use of qualified packaging continues to make it difficult to ensure transportation safety.Therefore, the customs department carries out a batch by batch identification of the use of the packaging for export dangerous goods, and focuses on the inspection of whether the packaging selction is appropriate and whether the packaging method is standardized.

Full life cycle management of hazardous chemicals

Dedicated staff to ensure the rapid clearance of enterprises

Risk management of hazardous chemicals is both manageable and fast, ensuring customs clearance and safety.The customs in the case of both safety and convenient customs clearance, according to the requirements of the State Council, to risk management as the guidance, scientific and standardized assessment methods, for all kinds of fully demonstrates the risk for classification, and "suit the remedy to the case" adopted a flexible regulatory inspection measures, achieve the safety in the tube lived under the premise of improving the efficiency of customs clearance of goods.

↑ Training, risk management implementation in place

Enforce standards a little more strictly

The overall protection is a little thinner

There are no "trivial matters" in production safety, and precautions are always "trivial matters".

It is with these small points of persistence

In order to let the dangerous chemicals in o "danger" for safety

Source: 12360 Customs Hotline