New import and export standards for hazardous chemicals

2020-07-18 16:39:21

From Zibo News Net(08:10 Zibo News Net on December 05, 2011)

Zibo news network news recently, reporters from Zibo inspection and quarantine bureau learned that the newly revised "hazardous chemicals safety management regulations" was formally implemented.The new regulations make detailed provisions on the production, storage, use, distribution, transportation, registration and emergency rescue of hazardous chemicals, as well as legal responsibilities.The inspection and quarantine authorities will inspect the import and export of hazardous chemicals and their packaging in accordance with the new regulations.

According to introducing, the new rules of technical requirements and the unified global chemical classification and labelling system coordinated, according to the types of dangerous chemicals are classified, and the unified dangerous elements of the public (including labels and safety data sheet) are proposed, aimed at the dangers of dangerous chemicals production enterprises specified products and related disposal measures, to reduce the chemicals in the process of transport and use the harm to human health and the environment.Compared with the past, the new regulations highlight the classification, labelling and inspection requirements for the import and export of hazardous chemicals.

To ensure the smooth import and export of the dangerous chemicals, zibo, inspection and quarantine bureau reminded related enterprises to acquire the latest regulations concerning the administration of dangerous chemicals at home and abroad, related standards and requirements, and in a timely manner to the export of dangerous chemicals are classified, prepare the danger of the public labels and safety data sheets, actively cooperate with the inspection and quarantine departments of audit and the packaging label use appraisal work.